Started 2009-10-06; Revised 2010-09-26
Knob View Farm Chicken Girls
30 Or so black angus cows and calves, some registered. We enjoy having our own clean freezer beef.

2 Good backyard horses: 1 Backline Dun - Cager & 1 strawberry & cream registered Paint - J.D. Both tend to shag the hens.

18+ Koi in a butt deep 2000 gallon pond.

1 Barncat, Visa (he's 'everywhere you want to be') who is a no nonsense mouser that loves evaporated milk. Very wary of the hens.

2 Indoor cats: 1 Sealpoint Siamese - Ace of Spades, & his year older full brother - Red Beau Thai, a red colorpoint. They are house boys only.

13 Gorgeous, entertaining, & well-spoiled chicken girls ...all about 2 years old. Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Leghorn, Wyandotte -Silver and Golden, RI Red, Black Star, Dominique. 6-8 eggs/day in Jan. '10 but ZERO eggs since Nov. '10.
No roosters need apply here!

Occasionally we have grandkids over and they are THE best chickie wranglers in the world. Double the entertainment value for us too!

. We are happy, retired empty nesters, just the 2 of us on a hill in Underwood IN in a log home that he built.
I am still such a newbie but an expert compared to where I was 2 years ago. He found the chx. and a HenSpa6 coop on Craig's List in the LouKY area Sept '09. Former owner was moving and wanted to find a great home for her feathered ladies ....US!!! I had no idea that owning chickens would be so rewarding ...wish I'd started sooner. Often sitting/typing and simultaneously watching my girls just totally re-vamping my mulched flowerbeds/planters/hill. I DON'T CARE ...a hen's gotta have fun so let them live! Thx to this site & the internet/friends for great advice & support