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By Redqueen · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Redqueen
    Started 2009-10-06; Revised 2010-09-26
    Knob View Farm Chicken Girls
    30 Or so black angus cows and calves, some registered. We enjoy having our own clean freezer beef.

    2 Good backyard horses: 1 Backline Dun - Cager & 1 strawberry & cream registered Paint - J.D. Both tend to shag the hens.

    18+ Koi in a butt deep 2000 gallon pond.

    1 Barncat, Visa (he's 'everywhere you want to be') who is a no nonsense mouser that loves evaporated milk. Very wary of the hens.

    2 Indoor cats: 1 Sealpoint Siamese - Ace of Spades, & his year older full brother - Red Beau Thai, a red colorpoint. They are house boys only.

    13 Gorgeous, entertaining, & well-spoiled chicken girls ...all about 2 years old. Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Leghorn, Wyandotte -Silver and Golden, RI Red, Black Star, Dominique. 6-8 eggs/day in Jan. '10 but ZERO eggs since Nov. '10. [​IMG] No roosters need apply here!

    Occasionally we have grandkids over and they are THE best chickie wranglers in the world. Double the entertainment value for us too!

    . We are happy, retired empty nesters, just the 2 of us on a hill in Underwood IN in a log home that he built. [​IMG] I am still such a newbie but an expert compared to where I was 2 years ago. He found the chx. and a HenSpa6 coop on Craig's List in the LouKY area Sept '09. Former owner was moving and wanted to find a great home for her feathered ladies ....US!!! I had no idea that owning chickens would be so rewarding ...wish I'd started sooner. Often sitting/typing and simultaneously watching my girls just totally re-vamping my mulched flowerbeds/planters/hill. I DON'T CARE ...a hen's gotta have fun so let them live! Thx to this site & the internet/friends for great advice & support

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