My family owns a small farm in Eatonville Wa. Near Mt.Rainier.We have horses, dogs,cats and POULTRY!I have always lived on a farm and had critters but really got into it with my birds around 6 years ago. Always played with incubators but now i'm addicted! I had a bird barn built last year with indoor coops and out door runs. Fans inside and an incubator room with 3 GQF bators.We have Seramas, Light Sussex, Coronation, Silver sussex, Lavendar,Black and Lemon cuckoo Orpingtons, BuffLaced Brahama and Gold Laced Brahmas and Showgirls. We also have loads of Muscovy ducks and Sebastopols.
My oldest son 16 was into 4-H but now has no interest because he has discovered girls! My 15 year old son loves the birds but not into showing them so he earns his money cleaning coops and helping with vaccinations, feeding and what not. My hubby has set up all my runs and does all the improvements I need. Builds some nice brooders too.
I sell chicks and eggs to help out with bills. We keep busy and love our life here at the farm!