[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Redwood Forest Bantams is a small scale breeding endeavor working towards the preservation of a few antique poultry breeds and breeding specimens true to standard. Nestled amongst majestic Redwoods, the majority our of birds are free range most of the year, taking advantage of natural foods and getting plenty of exercise.
During the breeding season those birds that are truest to the standard, set for that breed, are put together for breeding. Here at Redwood Forest Bantams we strive for producing not only exhibition quality birds but also birds that remain true to original type and function as we strongly believe that it is only through careful breeding that we can ensure that these old breeds are around for generations to enjoy in as close to their original form as possible.
Currently I breed and exhibit Golden Sebrights and Cubalayas (large fowl) throughout the state of California.

[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Member of: APA, ABA, Cal National, Sebright Club of America, Araucana Club of America, HPFA, PPBA, GCSPF, and GCPF[/FONT]