Reintegrating a Recovered Hen to a Small Flock:

I just rescued a hen that was left when her owner moved.apparently the rest of her flock had died. She was alone for a couple of months, being fed by a neighbor. I just took her in and I'm in the process integrating her into my flock of four. I read numerous articles and I'm going slowly. your story gave me some new ideas. Also made me realize that this may take more than a couple of weeks. She is very sweet & docile & my dog loves her. The other hens, not so much!


Thank you for sharing ❤
For some reason the original post dropped to one star after I was pretty sure I got 5 star!
Anyway, this article is terrific and is a nice view of reintegration.
We've had to do this several times now as we've had dog attack and hawk attack survivers, as well as a 5 week Cockerel being canabilized and living through the ordeal.
This article proves it's not just a lucky fluke to get injured members back into the flock. I heard over and over how it's impossible to do, but it's only challenging.
Thank you again for sharing!
Clear and easy to understand. Very well organized for a newbie to follow.
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Well written story on what it took to reintroduce a single chicken to the flock.
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I too was about to give up on reintroducing a sick hen to her original flock. I went out today with a squirt bottle. Even though they've never been squirted (yet - fingers crossed), it's almost as if the bullies knew what would happen. Will keep it up until she's finally back 100% with them. Still doesn't head to the coop in the evening. Hope that will happen as well, and soon.
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