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By rescueacres · Mar 12, 2014 · Updated Mar 19, 2014 ·
  1. rescueacres
    Indian Runner Duck eggs (Drakes: Blue, Bibbed Blue, White splash) (Ducks: Lavender, Chocolate, Blue)

    Muscovy Duck eggs (Drake: Pied) (Ducks: Pied, Barred)

    Ameraucana Chicken eggs (Blue Rooster, or Wheaten Rooster over Blue and Black hens) PQ these are from a breeder not hatchery, however the wheaten roo is the only really good quality one.

    Mixed flock eggs ( Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggers, Black sex link, Production Reds)

    Heirloom tomatoes seeds:
    Polar beauty
    Green zebras
    Heirloom blend

    Heirloom Swiss chard seeds:
    Red ruby

    Heirloom turnip seeds:
    Golden Globe

    Heirloom Thyme seeds

    Raspberry jam pint
    Cherry jam
    Canned pears quart
    Sour peaches quart or pint

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