Im not sure if a did a good deed or made a BIG mistake? I found an ad for some chickens for sale. I went to the farm and found a bunch of different breed babies there. They were out in the cold in a cage with only a top. Some of the chickens didnt have water or food. The owner had passed away and his children were getting rid of all the stock. I took in 30 chicks from 2 wks to 5 weeks old and some grown or nearly grown. The chicks when I got them home some of them were sneezing. I didnt have any antibiotics on hand. I immediately started them on medicated chick starter with Diatomatious Earth mixed in it. The first night I lost 1 and the next morning there were 4 more. I went that morning and got some antibiotics and sav-a-chick. All of them made it thru the night. This is day 2 of the antibiotic and it seems the sneezing is subsiding. I was really worried. I think or at least hope that the sick chicks were just from exposure to the elements. Im not sure how long they were out there. They were way to young to be submitted to that kind of exposure to the elements. So far so good. I was really scared I had made a big mistake. I thought I was doing a good deed by saving these cute little babies. Im not certain what all breeds these chickens are for sure. I know that there are some heritage RIR, silver spangled hamburgs, some batams of some kind and the others you got me.