Hi,I am Gwen Morris of Byrdstown, Tennessee. I am a retired teacher/administrator of 37 years. When I retired I wanted to have a small orchard, nice garden, lots of flowers, honeybees, and of course some chickens. That seemed a little hard to do on an acre lot but decided to start making it come true. In January of 2008 I ordered 25 chickens for eggs and then ordered 50 chickens for meat. Lots of ups and downs with that but it was the beginning of my addiction for chickens. I bought an incubator this year and have been trying to hatch chicks. I have had some success and some heartbreaking encounters but well worth the effort.



Four years later and I am still in the chicken fun business. I hatch a few hundred chicks in the spring and try to sell or give them away all summer. I just want a couple dozen to replenish my flock, but who knows how many roosters will hatch so have to get lots, right!

I got married in 08 and we moved in 09 to a 4+ acre home/land in my hometown. My dear hubby built me a nice chicken house, 9 pens and large run for my habit. We battle predators but continue to make improvements. The entire area is now covered with roofing or netting and two live traps are set most all the time. In 2011 we caught 11 racoons, one skunk, and 4 opossums. BUT, no owl or hawk problems since we covered the run. The run/pen area is about 60 feet by 40 feet.

My mother and I plan to process our orp roosters in a few weeks to fill the freezer. Of course, I have lots of roosters for that adventure.