To everyone that see's and reads these forums. I'm completly new to this and any ideas that you can give me it would be very helpful.

All of my growing up life i have been on and around farms plus family that has had chickens on their property. I bought 2.56 acres in a place called Lake Tropicana Estates. It is a ranchette community. And man starting at about 4:00 AM you think your on one big farm because of the roosters that start crowing. Here is my delima (If you want to call it that). We are going to start a mini farm here and with a garden and chickens. I would like to have about 150/200 chickens that lay large to extra large eggs, but I know I need to have the right chicken coop built to do it. Does anyone have any idea how big that coop needs to be in dimention size? The reason I want to do this is to have eggs and chicken meat for the family. Any help and ideas would greatly be appreciated.


Pastor Kirby