A little about me:
I live in a small town in Mississippi, after I became disabled I started raising chickens as a hobby to occupy some of my time, little did I know how enjoyable it would be, what started out as a hobby soon became a passion, I started out with 10 young birds and now have 57 feathered friends. I have two seperate pens, the largest is 18' x 30' that I have my layers in, it consist of Rhode Island Reds, Red Star and Black Star Sexlinks, Buff Orphingtons, Gold Laced Wyandottes and Barred Rocks all of which are great layers, we sell enough eggs from these to pay for all the feed and poultry supplies, the second pen is a bit smaller, only 18' x 14', this pen only has Blue Laced Wyandottes, these beautiful birds are used strickly for breed stock to hatch and sell. I'm very proud of all my chickens, they bring a great deal of joy and entertainment, I could watch them all day.