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By rguy23 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. rguy23
    Being new to this forum, I am still getting the "lay of the land"... The people in this forum are obviously a talented and devoted bunch and looking forward to learning and sharing maybe too... ...I am excited to learn more about everyone.
    I am a drafter/designer by trade for a little company that makes floats (pontoons) for seaplanes... Great work, great place to work, but busy too (gratefully), so my projects around the mini-ranch (as it is becoming) suffer along for long periods of time... I have to sleep and stuff - you know, sometime.
    My little family and I love our life. My wife and I breathed a big sigh of relief to be able to live here - enough room to get going, and maybe someday we will get something bigger - or not.
    I grew up near here and spent as much of my summers as I could on my grandparents' ranch. Chickens, horses and cows were a part of my life growing up - I guess you lose what you don't use, or I missed out on some of the details - which brings me back to here! I want to give my daughters a taste of that life, responsibilities and just enjoyment. So, with some advice from friends and family, and some from this site, we started with 6 Barred Rocks... I think I could already be addicted - is that even possible? Or, maybe I never forgot...
    SOMEDAY: I think it will be fun to try some "fun" breeds, maybe bantams, or maybe even later, some other fowl. I love birds I guess...

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