Rhode Island White Single Comb

By Flippacase · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Flippacase

    Rhode Island White
    single comb Created by Flippacase
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    This breed is very docile, and loves being stroked and held. They do not make much noise, and are very curious, and funny to watch.The main pic is of a 10 week old pullet.





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    3 day​
    so cute sleeping!!!!!​

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  1. hellbender
    Yours is the only 'review' that claims this breed does not make much noise. Personally, I don't give a flip how much noise a bird makes...after all they are chickens. I would simply like to know who is typing just to see their fingers move and who really knows and understands the temperament and other aspects of the breed.
  2. farm4lyfe
    yes as u can tell from my profile pic i love this breed as well! they are so gentle and catlike. not to mention beautiful! and the eggs are to die for. i could go on an on

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