Rhode Island Whites were one of the first breeds of chickens we got when we moved out to the country. We didn't know much about them or any other breed. Our local farm store had the annual chick sale, and my husband and I were finally ready to start. Who knew that this move up to country life would soon be known as a complete life-altering and career-changing moment. As part of our original ten chicks, five of them were the RIW. I can recall our girls giggling saying "look, mom, that one has a poopy butt". He was one of the five RIW's that we took home. We had no clue that he had "pasty butt" or even knew what that was. We just knew the girls had picked him out. At that point, we didn't even know that they had picked out a "he". What started out as a little bitty thing, that eventually turned into a squeaky toy, finally turned into a beautiful rooster. I have found that this breed is so easy to get along with. They are laid back and are very fond of human interaction.
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