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By rhodered10 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    2010-08-12 I am very new to owning chickens and i am having lots of fun raising them. I have 10 chickens that are a rhode island red mix i bought them from our local tsc and i love them very much and i treat them well. (i can tell that because they started producing eggs at about 18 weeks of age maybe less) they are all very happy and i have given them a good home of course with the help of my dad who built the coop and run and everything. i am the one who does the daily chores and what not so i spend the most time with them and get to know them the best. I have never had a chicken die and i never really plan on that happening until all my little ladies get older but for now they are new layers or developing hens and they are all healthy and going strong another thing i have done is socialized them so they love people and run up to you and say hi every time you go to see them.I love my chickens and they love me back + eggs!!!!!![​IMG]
    2011-02-20 update!!!!! sorry for not giving recent updates but i am very happy to say that everything has still gone smoothly for me and my chickens even in the new year. Still none of them have died or even really had any problems although buttercup did get her wing stuck in the fencing in our run and sweety got sick for a day but other than those 2 things everything has gone very nicely. They are now all grown up and very mature sweet people freindly hens, ever since they all have been layng i dont think that we have ever gotten fewer than 8 eggs a day out of my 10 hens but they average at about 10 or 9 eggs a day.
    2011-03-13 chickens 1st birthday coming soon !!!!! i am so proud that we have made it this far without any problems or deaths!!!!! with my first flock too, i want to thank everyone for all of your help on my eventfull first year owning chickens. Happy birthday tyrone, sweety pie, butters, suguh, pumpkin, ginger, gimbles, merelin, chewy, and honey bunch!!!!!!! i luv u!!!!
    2011-05-11 All of my girls are doing well , for the most part at least. I have been having some trouble with a combination of feather picking, bullies, girls doing "ballet" to my other girls, ( we have no roo planning on getting one now though lol) and not a proper diet, but thanks to the help of all of the wonderful people on BYC i have gotten great advice on how to fix all of these things and hopefully all of my girls should be on the road to recovery in no time! once again thanks to all the people on this site who have helped me i don't know where my chickens and i would be without everyone here. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!![​IMG]❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2011-05-25 they seem to be getting better!!!! i am so happy, last night when i went to put them all inside i saw little fluffy feathers growing on their butts were there had been no feathers before!!! they are eating a lot more and their laying has improved and i couldn't be happier. heres what i did: i made sure they could go out everyday, switched them to flock raiser feed (20% protein) and put in a poultry supplement i found, and i use BOSS now instead of scratch and surprisingly it has worked!!! i am so grateful for everyones advice and support on this website, and i am so happy they are getting better!!!!!!!
    2011-07-07 the girls have improved although i am still concerned about my little girl gimbles she grows her feathers and then the other girls will pick at her and eat them away again but i suppose any improvement is better than none so i am at least happy that they are moving forward in the uphill battle to end their feather picking! sometime this month i plan to do a complete cleaning of the coop wich means that i will be scrubbing and cleaning everything and hopefully organize that disaster of a storage area (there is a full fire place in there!)still working on their diet to stop the feather picking, we still have a long ways to go but we are getting there!! any advice will be apreciated!!!
    2011-09-11 oh boy! we got our pinless peepers today! these should be a riot, i kind of was saving them for a last resort sort of option but its clear we cant wait any longer. i hope they work i dont know what to do if they dont, they should be fun at least for us humans it should be fun i know the girls wont like them but its for their own good. i am not sure if we are going to put them on today because we are leaving for a little weekend vacation this weekend, we should be returning sunday but then we only have a week before we leave for a week long backpacking trip to glacier national park in montana (my moms idea, ive never even been backpacking before!) and then right after that school starts. well, we will find the time i guess, wish us luck!
    2011-09-16 put the pinless peepers on 5 of our girls, boy those things are a riot! but the good news is they appear to be working but the only issue is the girls wearing them are having a tough time drinking water one of them has got it down but the others dont have it down yet, i just hope the follow her example. they are great i love the little cranky librarian glance they sometimes give you over the peepers! my dad and i want to have some fun with them and put googley eyes on them or paint them with stuff. they are great but now my ladies can grow their feathers!
    2011-09-24 still wearing the peepers, they seem to be working which is great! it is very quiet in their coop now, before they were all picking at each other and screaming but now they just cluck and do all that normal chicken stuff without a whole lot of screaming. my girl gimbles is growing feathers! on a differant note we are leaving for that vacation in a couple of days we have a house sitter so the girls should be well taken care of. wish me and our chickens luck! see you guys in about a week and a half!

    I will put up pics soon!!!!

    Names + status:
    Ginger (laying + Attitude[​IMG])
    Honey (nice + laying[​IMG])
    Buttercup (SCREAMER + laying[​IMG])
    Tyrone (cute +laying[​IMG])
    Gimbles (biter + laying[​IMG])
    Suguh (big!!! + laying[​IMG])
    Sweety (true to her name + laying[​IMG])
    Merelin (laying + Pretty[​IMG])
    Pumpkin (laying + nice[​IMG])
    Chewy (biter + laying[​IMG])

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