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A little about me
I'm somewhere in my twenties, and I've shared my life with various creatures since i was still in the womb. It's a much shorter list to tell you what animals i haven't played a hand in caring for. Never had a peacock, chinchilla, horse, or hedge hog. Heck, i helped a local shelter care for a Greater Rhea; don't know what that is? That's okay, neither did the shelter... they thought it was an ugly Emu.
I'm a mom, I'm a fiancee. I'm not much really. I'm a high school drop out, but then if you attended my high school you would be too. I'm well versed in over twenty categories of specialized animal care. I am a suitable diagnostician, although I have no {phancy} documents to prove such things. Hands on training, provided by a veteranary technition who has now moved on to bigger and better things as a proffesor at a career training college. Basically; I can do anything a vet tech can do, and a little more. Seems like most days, i spend my time with my kid, my critters, and half a dozen people who think I'm their personal free vet. (not too thrilled about vaccinating half my neighborhood's pets out of pocket) The strain on the wallet is lessened with the comfort of knowing my dogs are at almost no risk of catching Parvo or Distemper.
My future husband is back in the states, the military finally gave him back to me. He's an incredible person, a devoted father, and a busy body. I've never seen him face a challenge he couldn't beat. And, I'm looking forward to a lifetime of watching him succeed.
A little about my home
I currently live with, let me think... three Rotten Rotties, one Ibesian Hound, one rat terrier-whippet mix. Two Cornish-Silkie hens, three Silkie roosters, and three of their odd looking babies. A Ferret, a ten foot Columbian Red Tail Python, six Guinea Pigs, nine domestic rats, and a whole mess of fish, and on stray cat that owns us. The bi-peds consist of; my folks, a potty-training toddler, and lil ole me. Don't ask me how we fit all that into a four bed room house on a little over half an acre, because i still don't know.
{i don't know why i called Nehebcau a ball python, i must have been sleeping when i first started this page, she's a red tail, with ten feet of attitude}
A little about my life
My family works in rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation. We personally prefer herding breeds, and are the "go-to" folks for Rotties. We've successfully rescued over one hundred fifty dogs. We've had five failures. We've worked with the Shamrock foundation, Recycled rotties, local shelters, and we've also done many rescues that never involved orginizations. Our record number of occupant dogs which used to be ten, was broken last year when we hit fourteen. (fostered a mom and four pups) We've had some losses in the past few years; Jeremy, Pooter, Rizzo, Lionel. And one of the foster puppies, we lost to that new strain of Parvo after a seventy-five hour battle. My daughter likes cats, so even though she barely speaks english, i've been suckered into working with five cats in the last year. (her father played a hand in that also)
I'm the one who brought home guinea pigs. My brother still to this day, brings home hamsters. My mother has a soft spot for rabbits. My dad, well he swore we'd never have a pet rat, and a month after my school chum "cuz smurf" gave me a dumbo rat she belonged to my dad. I brought home my first pet snake, after mom told me that a pet tarantula would have to live in the garage. Now my dad has his Nehebcau, I don't think he had any snakes growing up. My dad was the first in our family to introduce Iguanas, and since then we've had five. Cooter passed away just a few months ago of old age. (he was our fifth) Life was never boring when i worked at a nearby pet store. It's calmed down a lot since then. The child in the house also causes us to think twice before we bring anything new home. I do miss the chaos though...