Welcome to Ridgeline Hens.

This is a collaboration of my four girls and me. My wife of 20 years, our fifteen year old daughter, our fourteen year old daughter, and our ten year old daughter, all are members of our local 4-H club, and are going to try to show animals in the county fair this year. We have had chickens for 3 years. The first 6 hens we had were given to us for layers.

We had so much fun, we bought nine day old chicks last spring, 3 Ameraucanas hens and 1 rooster,
and 3 Silver laced Wyandotte hens and 2 roosters.

Here is a clip of the day olds we got April 26th. 2010
In our homemade brooder.

Here is our flock as it is today (3/29/2011) we have 7 total, 4 Ameraucanas one is a rooster. 3 SLW one is a rooster.
Even this winter we averaged 3 eggs a day, and now in April we will get 4 some days.

My chicken wrangler
We are now in the process of hatching our own eggs. We have built a bator,
and are testing temp and humid.

We are joining Mahonri's 2nd Annual BYC EASTER HATCH & GFM
and will set on April 2nd. to have new chicks for Easter!
Here is my homemade "bator"

holds between 99.5 and 100, at 40 to 50 humid.
April 2nd 2011. Set 12 egg!s Our First time ever!

and We attended a poultry seminar this morning as 4-H credit, and ended up buying 4, one week old chicks. LOL.
2 Barred Rock pullets, and 2 Production Reds.
SO, we came home , set up the brooder box, let it get up to temp and here we go.

one week old two weeks old three weeks old

Update: May 1st. 2011
Our hatch was very successful ( for our first time) From the 12 we set, 10 hatched, all pipped but 2 didn't make it out.

With all the new chicks, soon to be chickens, I doubled the size of our coop. I did some research on BYC before I started and made some much needed improvements to my excisting setup.

I added a brooder area for the pullets to grow before introducing them to the flock. I also made a seperate roosting area, from the nesting boxes and made the nesting boxes accessable from the outside of the coop.

Much easier to retrieve eggs, and keep clean. The roosting perch has a sheet of plywood under it to make it easier to keep clean and help keep the bedding much cleaner.
My ongoing project is making my outside run 3X bigger

Fall 2011 Update:

Our BarredRock and Production Reds are no longer Pullets.

and my"Chicken Wrangler" entered her favorite PDR in the county fair and
took a first "Blue Ribbon" yeah!!!

Our pullets from the Mahonri's 2nd Annual BYC EASTER HATCH & GFM
are now laying eggs and doing very well.

August 2012
County Fair Time Again!!! yeah!

We added 3 Cochins
2 Black Pullets, and 1 cockerel in March

March 2014
Our eldest daughter turned 18 this year and is off to college in the fall. Our youngest is now 13 and is in 4-H and FFA, and will be putting poultry in the 4-H fair and lambs in for the FFA. Our middle daughter won reserve Champion for her eggs this last fall, and our oldest took Grand Champion for her eggs for the second year in a row.
Our coop continues to grow every spring as we enjoy hatching in our DIY incubator. We now have 28 birds

Thank you for helping out, and letting us share.
The Anderson's of Wisconsin