My real name is Suwan not Rikku and I am 15 years old :p.I live in one of the the coldest states and my username is from my favorite game character in a video game (FFX and X-2) lol. When I graduate from high school Im planning to go to college to learn about poultry and have a farm or hatchery someday lol but, I can't find any colleges in Alaska that have classes for poultry still looking though. Lets see what else can I say oh Im a part time chicken owner of the chickens my friends now have (that we ended up giving them). I'am absolutely addicted to chickens and ducks (I never tried raising ducks yet but plan to). I know how mostly everybody thinks silkies are ugly BUT I think they are just adorable! maybe I shud get them one day

I just decided I want a Silver Laced Wyandotte.
-Stuff Thats Been Happening-
  • 3/01/10 I candled the eggs again and out of two eggs one I'm pretty sure has a blood ring but doesn't smell and has a good size air cell so I'll leave it in there and the other one looks like it has a blood ring and lookd like it is is developing. It is day 17 for them I hope they are ok
  • 3/02/10 Its lockdown day for them if they are okay I reallyy hope they are *fingers crossed*
  • 3/03/10 2 more days til they hatch hope everything goes okay I reallyyy want to candle them but Im trying to restrain myself especially since its already 2 days before they hatch *fingers crossed again* I sure need to buy an incubator instead of using a homemade one maybe that why my hatch isn't going so well I think? (they didnt hatch :( )
  • 6/20/10- My rooster Licorice that we gave to my friends is now dead :( its the same thing as what the Queen of Hearts says "Off with the head"! R.I.P