In the beginning, there was darkness...

3/2/11: Asked landlord if it was OK to get a few chickens - should hear back soon!
3/17/11: Got the OK from the landlord and the neighbors, permit application is with the city.
3/19/11: Oops, couldn't wait for the city to respond: got triplets! (Ameraucana, Black Australorp, and what the feed store lady said was a Rhode Island Red but I'm wondering if it's a Gold Sex Link.)
3/22/11: The city called: the chicks are legal! Now to search for coops.

4/2/11: Decided to make my own coop, after coming back to the Garden Ark's photos over and over. Got wood. Got nervous.
5/18/11: After too many weeks, lots of distractions (including 2 weeks out of state), a few tears and lots of learning, it is done!

The girls seem to like it. :)