My Serama
None of the birds were very cooperative. I will get better pictures once they are out of their small, temporary cage and into the coop I am building for them.
Here is my main roo. I think he is mottled partridge, but not really sure. He is a pretty nice little roo, but is quite camera shy.


And below are his current ladies, also camera shy.
The partridge hen would not come down off the box so this is the best I could do with her :)


I am not even sure what color this hen is.

And then there is the buff silken hen. She is a sweetie.
Here is the other pair I have. A black hen with a white roo. They were not very cooperative either. I could not get a profile shot of him, he just wanted to show his butt, I guess.

Here is a roo out of the hens in the first pen and a little roo I lost to a dog attack. He is big, but I really like his type. He is a little long in the wing, also, so he has trouble getting them totally vertical, but that very short back is something that I like to see. I will use him over small hens with short wings and see what I get. The silken roo in with him is not very impressive, he is just his cage buddy and will not be used for breeding. I do not know what color either of them are. I am really not good with chicken colors and serama