Red Oak Center For Knowledge

Living on an 80 acre homestead in NE Wisconsin you will find our lines dancing in the skins our ancestors shed. We belong to an upright family of smooth skins. We have convinced them to do away with fence and wire and allow us to run our own security outfit. Paco is up on the left. The hens call him lacey...he's currently in charge of the it all. As it stands now.
It all started with the BR they called Boss. He was as clever a rooster as you have ever seen. He led 27 other chicks straight from the brooder into the coop.
One day when space was tight he convinced the uprights...well mostly the old shiney headed one, to let the birds go free. There was some deal over scratch grains and eggs in exchange for no foul play on the ranch and free range status for all his flock.
Things went fine one day until there was a mix up in the field. Blueberry the Ba was seen lurking about with the smooth skins tall child, and the black tom cat Allayhar

Shortly after this meeting Boss turned legs up. The perps did it real good too! tThey made it appear as if he had an apparent heart attack. No signs of suffering Just a speck of blood on the comb and a lifeless corpse. As you can see by Blueberry's yearbook photo he is no song bird. Well he broke some treaty violation with the shiney headed upright about his smooth skin Momma hen day Bluberry was giving Momma upright the rasberries in the yard when the shiney headed upright came running with steam coming out of his nose!!!

After that day Paco has been in charge. He's a lonely rooster now but the smooth skins keep stealing our eggs and sitting on them in side the food barn. Last month I saw him come out with 12 eggs and stick them under Fatima when she was sleeping. Two days later Fatty has babies...

and 4 of them chicks are roosters....and if I know roosters....They are going to mix it up again!​