These are our new babies. We got them on May 21st and spent memorial day weekend building their house.
It's been framed out with mostly 2X4's we got for free although we did have to buy the siding and some of the boards for the roof. l_3e9c89a68873315b18e654aace5aed6c.jpg
Above is a picture of the framing for our coop. We put linoleum down before we put up the walls because I thought it would be easier to clean. The coop is 8X8 and we plan on putting up a 12X12 run off the left side. So we went to the store to get more wood and... l_64beff9ea990695e493adae04eee4243.jpg
they had turkey poults! Isn't he cute! I couldn't resist. Now I have to learn how to take care of turkeys too. So back to the coop.
m_a164b992a14572bd54ee4007b2400826.jpg So here is the coop with the plywood up. It has a roof now too, although I'm not climbing up there to take pictures of the shingles. We still need to put in the window and the door but hopefully will get that done this week. Then we just have to get the power out there to run the light so the chicks can move out of their tote. They learned how to jump up on the edge on day 4. We are having lots of fun!

Well, here is the coop mostly done. We still need to run the permanent power out there, put in the roosts and nesting boxes, and build the run.


The girls are four weeks old now and have been moved in for a little more than a week. We started them off in a temporary box, but they kept jumping out so now they have the run of the inside of the coop.
They seem to be enjoying themselves but our turkey really wants to go outside. He escaped yesterday while I had the door open to the coop and we had to chase him around. Hopefully we will start the run this weekend.

UPDATE! We finally built the run. Here are a couple in progress pics

Building the run, framing almost done.

Still need wire and door.
We ended up recycling an old screen door for the run people door, above it is almost complete but still need to put in the supports for the wire that will go over the top of the run.
So until I update again, just for laughs here is a picture of Lurkey the Turkey sleeping in the window box.
Thanks for Viewing!