We are a small family owned farm here in Northern Ohio where we raise Scottish Highland cattle and poultry.
We have raised poultry for about 20 years and love the rare and heritage breeds. We are NPIP certified and our chickens health is very important to us. We strive to produce quality, healthy 'duel purpose' birds. By duel purpose I mean backyard chickens, show prospects as well as egg and meat birds.

It is our mission to help bring back the endangered heritage breeds that have nearly slipped into extinction. Breeds like the Mottled Javas, Barnevelders and yes even the Orpingtons. And to give folks the opportunity to enjoy those hard to find rare and heritage breeds of poultry. As we find breeds that intrigue or fascinate us and we think would be a joy to others we will post them on our website. (We are also working on some project birds!!)
We currently ship chicks nation wide to most states and sell hatching eggs when available. Check us out on the web at


What are buyers saying:

Nellie...thank you so much for wrapping the B/B/S eggs so carefully!! They arrived beautifully...not one crack! I had 8 in the incubator and hatched out 6! My first time hatching and so exciting. The chicks are sooooo cute. So pleased you got them sent out immediately!
I know who to go to for future Orpingtons!!!

Hey Nellie,

I just wanted to let you know that the eggs you sent were AWESOME!!!!!! You might not remember but the Monday you sent these Atlanta was hit by that snow and ice storm which locked down the city for the whole week and my eggs sat at the post office till it opened again on Friday.

Anyway, out of the 15 eggs you sent (7xBCM and 8x ameraucana) I have 5 BCM and 5 ameraucana hatch... I have two more BCM trying to hatch at the moment and only 3 eggs that didn't develop...AWESOME!

Thank you so much for your wonderful care (heat pack) with sending the eggs...they are so cute! Thank you and if anyone wants to know how awesome your eggs are just send them my way I will be happy to tell everyone.

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I just had to write & tell you how pleased I am with the Blue Orps I hatched from your eggs. They are the biggest, liveliest chicks I've ever had! I ended up with five - 4 light blue & 1 dark blue, pretty sure 3 are pullets & 2 cockerals. Wish I had twice as many! I might have to buy some more eggs from you & try another hatch with these. LOL, my 79 yr old Mom was over last week & informed me she was taking my chicken tractor over to their house and two of the Blue Orps, so looks like I already had my "flock" reduced by half.
Thanks again & I know you don't need any references, but if anybody ever needs one, tell them to contact me!


'Results are in... I hatched 5 out of 9 in the incubator and 3 out of 9 under my broody. I think the cool weather here in MN might of affected the broody hatch. She was in the garage with a heat lamp over her. Thanks for all the extra eggs. This has made for a great first experience. Thanks again. '
'Well I ended up with six chicks - for shipped eggs I am more than delighted! I had to help one out of the shell but all are healthy as can be - straight toes, legs, no deformities, just beautiful chicks. There are five either splash or light blues and one dark blue.

Now to hope for GIRLS! (and one roo)!
thanks again-'
'I just wanted to let you know that 12 out of the 14 eggs that you had sent, are fertile. We candled yesterday afternoon:)'
Hearing peeps from three of the LCS.