My name is Cindy. I'm 40ish. I work full time in retail multi store supervision.
I live in Northern NY, surrounded by state and county forests. I live with my husband and critters. My 3 children are grown and the youngest is in college. I couldn't allow my nest to be empty, so I have filled it over the last 2 years.
I have 2 Tenn.walking horses, a toggenburg dairy goat, a silky terrier, an aussie mix, 2 mouser cats. Add 2 feral cats and 3 shubunkins in the pond.
I really wanted one rooster to sit on the fence and crow. Since last fall, I have accumulated 30 chickens!
Started with 1 black sumatra roo. add 1 blue sumatra hen for company. See ad for 5 5 pullets. ( light brahma roo!, buff brahma hen, buff orp hen, 2 bl. australorp hens) sumatras hatch 14 babies (8 of which are roos),see ad for 2 mille fleur d'uccles (beautiful pair) buy incubator, order 12 ameracauna eggs, throw in some eggs from my hens, hatch 1 ameracauna, 4 sumatra/buff orps, 1 blue sumatra, 1 black sumatra.
I'm done! (until spring!) 12-29-08..Okay so I'm not. I have in the incubator...frizzles, mille fleur d'uccles, buff orpingtons, silkies, ameracuanas and a few pekins. :) 1/10/09 fresh from the bator, add 8 buff orps, 5 mille fleur d'uccles, 1 silkie, 2 frizzles, 1 naked neck frizzle (I'm in love with him) and 1 ameraucana.
I'll have turkeys and ducks by spring. (maybe one less husband)