rooster behavior and how to fix it

  1. Squishychicken
    everyone has problums with cockrels and roosters they instantly think the answer is the some cases yes it is but others you can train them early on.

    when there young is the time to start training. at the time when they start courting hens or come at you. don't him get within 5 feet of you of he does chase him away. no crowing,courting or mounting if your present. if he does any of these things simply chase him around for 10 seconds. if it is done any longer the chicken Will lose attention span and won't understand what's going on. chasing at all times must be asotiatted with the fact that your dominate roo. you can also carry a long stick with a plastic bag on the end and shake it to let him know. I find this best for little kids. once he undstands your top a peaceful relationship can go on between you and him. but once in a while he will need chased to remind him of the boundries. another thing you can do is press him into squating position and hold him there for 15 seconds till he submits.

    when a roo crows,courts or mounts he's saying "this is mine, im top and your under me." he can sometimes also think your one of his female which dosent work either. I find it best to start training right at the age when they start crowing, becoming interested in the hens and when the hormones start raging. I've successfully had many roos not turn mean because of this method. others may think differently but this way works for me. others attempt to retrain their roos by picking them up and holding them for a certain amount each day. i find that this only works with docile breeds such as cochins,silkies or smaller bantams.
    I tried this method with a red ranger roo and it didn't help at all he got worse.
    some people attempt squirt bottles...this dosent work at all it will only confuse the roo until he associates the bottle with the water that comes from it. some people kick there roos.dont do this it'll will only encourage him to fight back plus there's a chance you or him could get hurt.

    the way I use works best for me and it dosent hurt the roo or you.i would wear boots out to the coop for protection till you can trust him.

    once I had two Americana I held and was real sweet to the other I didn't like and would chase him and not let him mate in my presence.the one I held alot turned mean and the other was nice and never attacked.

    I have went through alot of roos over time and have only had a few turn bad.
    these were the ones I didn't "dominate" early in age. in some situations I was able to train one older roo but it toke forever and still wasent 100% successful.

    every roo is diffrent but I encourage you all to be patient and try to uderstand that their just like human teens with there hormones. I hope this artical was helpful to all with young cockrels or roos.
    my current roo...a teen and is at the age were hormones are raging but I've already dominated him we have a peaceful relationship.

    one of my polish cockrels and a serama cockerel.

    20171121_154958.jpg one of my serama cockerels

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  1. archeryrob
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 12, 2019
    I've always tried the boot and didn't understand why it doesn't work. I sent this to my daughter saying "You have to be mean to them when younger for them to be nice. Being nice to them makes them mean when older." Assuming they are only nice when controller by a more dominate rooster. Thanks great info. Maybe have to breed a new cockerel to replace daddy. Now, could daddy train him to be nice too? Then when he's ready daddy hides in the crockpot. :D
  2. Hardknockshomestead
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 5, 2019
    I like this article! Different good suggestions for taming the wild beast.
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  1. Squishychicken
    you can also trim a roos spurs and toenails to help prevent cuts from mating on the hens and cuts in you if he does attack.
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