My barred rock chicken pesto was one of two survivors from "the great coop massacre" I lost 8 of my 10 chickens in one night. It was awful. Pesto was one of two barred rocks who had no marks to tell them apart. I discovered about a week before they were killed that one of the barred rocks was a rooster learning to crow. When I found pesto (at the time was not named) I didn't know which one had survived. The lower beak was sliced up the center and the top was barely attached at the nostrils and later fell off. One eye was a terrible mess. After pesto made it 2 nights I took her to a vet. Pesto had to re-learn how to walk, and drink and even cluck. It took almost 2 weeks for pesto to officially walk. Pesto now has a rather crooked neck, one eye that is fine, other eye sees very little and no top beak and very little left of the bottom. When we first visited the vet pesto was very underweight. I was syringe feeding a vitamin water and a soupy baby bird formula since pesto could not move. Vet said she was pretty sure pesto was a hen but it was difficult to tell cause of the weight loss. That was 2months ago. I have since bought 2 Isa brown chicks to keep pesto company. It was a bit odd I thought that pesto never got all broody. Definitely did not like the chicks trying to get under her. Well last weekend pesto for the first time gave a loud and proud cocka doodle doo! I was shocked. He had never done this since his attack. He goes with me everywhere cause he still needs some syringe feedings and has never crowed. This explained a lot. Why he didn't want to be broody, no eggs. Well every evening when I turn out the light, my sweet pesto finds his spot then makes a cluck cluck and waits for pepper and chip the chicks to get all comfy under him and sits down on them. Its sweet seeing my rooster has finally come around to the chicks. He makes a good daddy. Pesto is now 6months old and very friendly. His neck is slowly straightening everyday and can still peck his food but I still syringe feed 3times a day for extra nutrition cause he doesn't get quite enough. I had a friend who made tshirts to help pay for pestos vet bill. "prosthetics for pesto" and back "surivor of the 2011 coop massacre. Support the cause" people bought them too! That is the story of my sweet pesto.