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We live in Douglas county, GA, 20 minutes West of Atlanta on a 3.45 acre lot on what is locally reffered to as "Tucker Hill" named after my late Father in law. Our Friends call our place "Tucker Hill Farm".
We got into chickens kind of Bass Ackwards, we got roosters a year before we got hens. That happened because my kids church bus driver decieded to give all his young riders a chic for Easter, so we suddenly had 2 roosters. We are now up to 16 chickens until this spring, when I intend to try out my home made incubator. I'll probably have RIR hatching eggs for sale by then also.
I guess on this forum I'm best known as the crazy guy who catches possums by hand.

Our Chickens:
Roosters: 1 BIG Rhode Island Red (Red), 1 Buff Orpington (Festus) , 1 Giant Cochin (Coach)
Hens: 5 Plymouth Barred Rock (Greta & Gertie,3 unamed), 2 RIR's (Agatha & Scarlett), 1 Blue Andalusian (Flopsy), 1 White Leghorn (Lucy), 1 Light Brown Leghorn (Road runner), 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg (Speckles), 1 Buff Minorca (Buffy), and 2 EE X's (Iris & Hazel), and 2 Black Stars ( Velvet & Satin) 1 RIR x SSH (Rose)
R.I.P. Buster