[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]We love our birds! Currently we adore 43 Isa layers, BOS a Isa Rooster (took Best of Show last week), 1 Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster and his girl, Marv he's a Silver Phoenix, and Mert, he's a Leghorn. We also adore 2 Millie Fleur Roosters and Hens, 3 Red Pyle Bantam Hens, 5 Barred Rocks, 2 Red Sexlink Hens, 1 Partridge Rock Hen AND last but not least; Welsummer, Millie Fleur and Polish chicks. Oh yes, and I best not forget 3 Lavender and 4 Pearl Guineas; we're not sure how adored they are yet.
We cannot forget to mention our beloved Maxwell Tucker, our miniature dachshund, who we love dearly. He's not a very good chicken herder but more of a chicken antagonizer.

We will forever remember our bantams and hens recently killed by the neighbors dog. We will dearly miss our Dittle Dumb who just passed.