G'Day, my name is Gary and I am from Port Macquarie, Australia.
I have owned chooks for about 5 years. It all started with two bantams my young fella got for his first birthday, who would've thought owning chooks would be so enjoyable!
We currently have 5 ISA browns that are about 7 weeks old. We live on a fairly standard suburban block so it sort of limits the number of chooks we can have.
Here are some pics of my newly constructed chook pen, recycled was the name of the game here, the coop is an old fiberglass high voltage substation cubicle that was being chucked out at work, the fencing was donated by a mate, their nesting box was built out of old palings, the scraps trough is an old laundry tub found in a skip bin, in fact, the only thing I paid for was the polycarbonate sheeting on the roof and the plastic 44 water tank!


The roof collects rain in the 44 which feeds 4 nipple drinkers The nesting box is accessed via a hinged door
At the moment, I only have the chooks in one third of the cubicle, the rest is storage for the mower and garden tools.

Coop doubles as a garden shed at the moment The ISA's have to be fairly tolerant!

Their run still needs some work, but they have free range of the backyard most of the time The doors come off to allow easy access to clean nesting box and roost


Pop door to their run. Not too many predators in my 'hood, so I don't even lock em up at night My daughter, brown chook no 1 and myself