Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my page!
Here is a little bit about myself: I live in the city of Pittsburgh and have four amazing chickens, Gloria, Roxy, Stella and Luna. I also have four great cats, Abby, Roman, Turk and Molly. I love animals of all types and my dream is to go into vet school and eventually become a large animal veteranarian.
NOW comes the part were i talk about my chickens;
Gloria: Is a sassy two year old barred rock, even though she hasn't given me a egg in roughly half a year, i love her to bits. she is the top of the pecking order, is the early bird, and is the first to EVERYTHING.
Roxy: Is a two year old amarucauna + barred rock mix. She has the same attitude her sister (Gloria) does but also has a sweet side to her, she is the one that will "purr" in your lap while trying heard to stay awake. This past summer she gave me HUGE bright blue egg almost everyday, GOOD GIRL ROXY!
Stella: Is a tough one year old speckled sussex farm chick, that i recently got, she is the brains of the flock. The one that figures out escape plans, and the one that knows where to lay her eggs to keep me from finding them.
Luna: Is a one year old columbian wyandotte, the sweetie of the flock, she came with Stella, but doesn't have nearly the same attitude as the rest of the girls. She gets picked on the most, but I make sure that she gets all the love she needs.
thanks for looking!