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By Sumatra503 · Aug 14, 2012 ·
  1. Sumatra503
    Here at Royal Feather Estates, the new name for my chicken/pigeon operation, i like to treat my birds as well as I can within my means. As far as they know, this is the Royal Treatment!

    My birds are free fed with an organic layer ration purchased from a local mill. It is my own "custom" blend so that I know what's in it and what my birds are eating. This food is supplimented with daily treats of fresh greens and forages grown in the garden behind my coop. These forages, kale, dock, dog fennel, and fresh clover, are fed free choice and as much as the birds will eat.


    This is Charles. He is my American Serama rooster and is paired with Percilla. His favorite thing to do, is to sit infront of the mirror and preen. Such a beauty queen.


    This is Percilla. She is my female American Serama. She loves watching T.V. when she's inside the house. She jumps up onto the t.v. stand and sits there while her favorite shows play. Her favorite show is Sponge Bob.

    Pidge and Midge are my Italian Owl Pigeons. They love eachother very much and spend most of the day sitting on top of the fridge and flirting when they're inside. When they're outdoors they like to walk around and are constantly eating. I've never seen them fly for very long.

    I take my chickens for daily walks on their Chicken Harnesses. They love getting out and scratching. Since i can't free range my birds here i take them out for about 20 minutes each day to get some exercise.

    They love their daily social time, too! They love to sit in my lap and be patted and straked or just cuddle.

    Every morning they get their daily oatmeal breakfast. Ocassionally they have a bit of company while they eat it, though.

    Check back for pics and updates!

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