From amusement park to my backyard
Hi! My name is Carolyn(rughooker) and I am from n.e. Ohio. I've been married to my wonderful,hard working husband for almost 40 years. We have a grown son and daughter and three beautiful and handsome grandchildren. We've always had dogs and cats and even a horse at one time. But we've never had chickens. Our daughter,Heather and her husband had them for a few years, but tired of their hobby farm, so guess where the chickens came to live? Then my girlfriend gave me a dozen banties. They eventually had babies and somehow we ended up with 39!!!!! I gave half of the babies away. But I went to an auction last week and came back with 7 silkies and 3 cochin banties. I'm addicted. My husband says I'm crazy! But he's really been helping to renovate the coop.
My chicken coop used to be an ice cream stand at a small amusement park at Craig Beach, Lake Milton, Ohio. I remember going there with my family and probably bought a cone there. My husband 's family had a cottage on the lake and he also remembers this stand. Who knew that 40 years later it would be in our backyard housing chickens?!!!!!! Here's how it became ours: When we built our home, there was an old man living beside us and this little building was sitting in his backyard. How Leo got it is still unknown to us. Over the years we kept asking him if we could buy it from him. I wanted it for a potting shed or a playhouse. He kept telling us no, though. Leo's house was over 200 years old. Ulysses S. Grant's father lived there. And his grandmother, Rachel Kelly Grant is buried in our cemetery in Deerfield. John Brown, the abolitionist, lived there for awhile with the Grants's when he was a young boy. We loved the house. So when Leo died, we bought it and turned it into "The Brown and Grant House", an antique shop. That's how we got the ice cream stand/chicken coop! We've got pics of the house , if you would like to see them, log on to www.deerfield-ohio.com/bgweb/tour.html