Run Build 2007

By Galaxie_Man · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Galaxie_Man
    A Photo Documentary of the Run Build here is a photo documentary of the construction of the outdoor run.
    It is 8'W X 12'L X 8'H. All framing was done with PT 2 X 4's, the top and sides
    covered with chicken wire, and the bottom 4 feet is 1/2" hardware cloth.
    I have a tarp over part of the top for shelter. The first winter I discovered
    that tarps don't work so well when they get covered with snow. I have changed the
    roof to be corrugated roofing that goes the entire length of the pen.
    The ground around the coop is uneven and littered with rocks and boulders. I dug
    up the rocks I could, and smashed up the ones that were too big. I made the top of
    the run level and square, letting the bottom framing follow the contour of the ground.

    th_P8210004.jpg th_P8210005.jpg th_P8210006.jpg th_P8210008.jpg
    th_P8210009.jpg th_P8250001.jpg th_P8250002.jpg th_P8250003.jpg
    th_P8250004.jpg th_P9010007.jpg th_P9120014.jpg

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  1. nanasnuggets
    This is EXACTLY the type of run that we are planning for our four remaining girls. Free ranging during the day hasn't worked out since the coyotes have discovered the neon sign over our property advertising 'free chickens'! Do you happen to have the measurements/ specifications for your run??

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