I am a new duck mom and very proud to be!
Here are my two Duck babies Jade and Cocoa




As you can see they are full grown and beautiful!
I look forward to coming home every night and seeing these funny ducks.
As far as I know they are both Runner Ducks. Cocoa (female) is of course a Chocolate Runner and Jade (female) is a Black Swedish Runner mix. We named her Jade because some of her black feathers along her back and wings have a deep emerald or jade color in the sun. They live in our back yard with my two terrier's Arbo and Runky. Funny enough they match the color of our two dogs. At frist I was so worried that the dogs would hurt them but the dogs seem to not care they are there and go about their own business as do the ducks. They only problem I have had is keeping the dogs out of their food and out of their duck house. That's okay too because I have caught the ducks in the dogs house a few times and eating the dog food!
Here are Arbo & Runky aka "Duck Guardians"


We gave them the name "Duck Guardians" because they keep the cat's and other crittiers out of the yard. Runky will run outside when she hears Cocoa quack to see what's going on. She also makes them go back outside when they come into the sunroom.
Here is a baby pic of the two.


This was at about 4-5 days old. They were so little and cute! We had a pen in the sunroom with a heat lamp and a wire roof so the dogs wouldn't bother them. As they got bigger I would take them outside, under strict supervison, for play time. They loved it outside!
Here is a picture of their duck bed at night. We kept them in the sunroom at night, and out in their pen during the day when they were about 7 weeks old.


Here is the two of them in thier pen during the day. They really get a kick out of thier pool.

Here is thier "Ducky Bed" is what I call it. I keep it cleaned out every night with fresh drinking water and a fresh pool for bathing. They like to have a bath in the evening.


They get lot's of love everyday!! Thye have a great big backyard they absolutley love to be in all day!!

I have learned so much about ducks, but I know there is so much more. Eggs are here finally! I initially thought Jade was a male because of his mating behaviour towards Cocoa, however this morning 09/02/11, I found another egg in the nest. It was peach colored and larger than the egg's Cocoa has been laying. I know it's not her's! Cocoa has been consistently laying med sized light green egg's. So excited that I have two egg laying ducks!!