The Rustic Chicken
Deerwood Farm

Welcome to the Rustic Chicken at Deerwood Farm! And Thanks for checking our our BYC page. My name is Jennifer and I live on our 5 acres mini-farm in central Kentucky with my wonderful husband Cliff, and 5 gorgeous dogs: Monty (corgi/sheppard mix aka Monster), Theo (rot/bloodhound mix aka Biggies), Lexy (sheltie/beagle mix aka Sexy Lexy), Bo (mini dachshund aka BoBo) and Daisy (Bo’s sisters aka Daisy Duker). We also have 8 new chicks that are too cute for words!
A little bit about us… I moved to Kentucky 5 years ago to take a position as a medical director at one of the local hospitals. However, I am really an aspiring farmer, equestrian, photographer and jeweler. I met my husband at the local airport while he was on leave from an 18 month tour in Iraq and it was love at first sight. amateur
We finally made the move and have “gone country”! Growing up in Vermont on lots and lots of lush beautiful land, I couldn’t wait to get back to my roots and live in the middle of nowhere (well ok, it really isn’t the middle of nowhere… the grocery store is only 4 miles away). But to us it is our secluded retreat and dream home. We have lots of big plans for this place, but our first goal was to get our small flock of layers chickens. Luckily, we stumbled on the best website in the world… BYC! Although it has become a bit of an addiction, it is a healthy and fun one. We just purchased our first 8 chicks and are learning along the way. We are still in the process of building the coop (pics soon) while the chicks currently reside in their brooder in the house. We decided on 3 Australorps, 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks and 2 Speckled Sussex and immediately fell in love the minute they arrived. We still have big plans for our farm (gardens, websites etc..) so stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

Sometime all that stands bewteen you and the ride of a lifetime is getting in the saddle and seeing what you are made of~ ~