Safely Administering Oral Medications to All Poultry and Waterfowl

Thank you!!! This helped a lot.
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Trying to dose a small, feisty, wiggly little Exchequer Leghorn by myself was ridiculous! I had the liquid all over me and her feathers were sticky by the time I finished putting a drop at a time in her beak and waiting for her to drink it.
This and the article you wrote in regards to dosing, are possibly the most valuable information I found on this entire site. What takes only a few minutes to read here is more clear and precise than what has taking me hours of research, just to find out the research I did was wrong. Thank you very much, I'm pretty sure you just saved my flock.
I did not know how easy it was to accidentally get liquid in their lungs. Thank you, very helpful!
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Awesome information!
Very Helpful.

For most chicken keepers there comes a time when you need to administer medication, or tube feed a chicken.
It is incredibly easy to squirt liquid into a chickens lung if you are not aware of the chickens physiology. The pictures and text in this article show exactly where food and medication should go. For some medications it is important that the correct dose is given and mixing with food or water just isn’t an option. This article should help give the reader the confidence to make sure the correct dose does get given.
There will come a time you’ll need this information, no matter how much of an idealist you are! Haha! Reading this just saved my girls a lot of discomfort (I’m more than fairly certain I’d have stuck it down the trachea- had I not asked and was then kindly referred to this article!) saved me a lot of stress, and frustration, and it also likely saved some fairly expensive medication! The only negative- it robbed my neighbors of an hours long, free (and ridiculous/embarrassing) entertainment! Now I can go handle it like an old pro!

It’s so nice to have this resource as a whole- Backyard Chickens- but the time and knowledge that the individual people here generously donate to help all of us, and our birds, by answering questions, providing literature, resources, advice... and even writing articles, are just incredible! Thanks so much! Don’t know what I would have done without you guys many times!! You’ve made this whole experience so much easier, more enjoyable, probably saved the girls some interesting experiments, and saved me a lot of money, from a lot of guilt and heartache too! Thanks again!!
This author is one of my go-to pros. I love this article. @casportpony saved me with medicating a sick poult- and was concurrently advising me via private message too. What an amazing community member to so graciously donate time and priceless knowledge to anyone with a poultry problem. And I have a 100% success rate following the advice from this member. Thank you!
Excellent pic!
Great article! Instructions were very clear and the photos were extremely helpful.
Perfect for everyone!
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