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    Sages living:

    Ranks for Trystal Village
    King(1): ~ Avery (memories)
    Queen(1): ~ Dakota (Perfectpolish)
    Princess(2): ~ Wintent (Wintent) Lyet (Perfect)
    Prince(2): ~ James (Starnicco)
    Kids(limited): ~ Amatera (Ipuppy)
    Commeners(unlimited)~ Hylia (Cordon)~
    Spies (limited)~ Lyet (Perfectpolish)
    Hunters (limited)~ Hasis (Nightwish) Scorch (Memories) Honeyheart (Sakirawolf)
    Loners (unlimited)~ Anabelle (Starnicco) Es-Shika (Say: S-Shee-Kay) ((Chicken Radio)) Ra-Shera (Say: Raw-Sure-A) ((Chickenradio))

    Name: Honeyheart
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Blonde honey hair, green emerald eyes that are quite piercing.
    Behavior/Personality: Quiet, shy, gets frustrated, kinda easy to scare. Hard to get her as your friend or for her to trust you.
    Power(Only one): healing
    Rank: Hunter
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Failing, humans, pitch black
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: Tells only people she trusts.


    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: : Confident in himself and in achieving multiple things. he contains two side of him. If you're an acquaintance to him, he is quiet, and alert. If he trusts you. he's gentle, warmhearted, and helpful. On his lonesome and during his travels he learned to be strong and smart.
    Power(Only one): Shape shifting (Panther)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): the unknown of the human cities, loosing his people, wars, death, burning forest, depleting in numbers
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: Avery has been in hiding, secretly observing the humans actions. He aided and gathered as many Sages as he could discover, he lured them into Trystal, where he built a miniature village.

    Gender: F
    Age: 24
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    As human she has long balck hair and black eyes. A scar runs across her cheek from a fight.
    Behavior/Personality: secertive and a keep to self person. She doesnt trust unless you have proven yourself
    Power(Only one): shape shift (wolf)
    Rank: Queen?
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s):Human especially males
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)TBR

    Name: Lyet ( pronounced Lee Et
    Gender: F
    Age: 7
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Short shoulder length aubrun hair and light green eyes
    Behavior/Personality: same as Dakota
    Power(Only one): shape shift ( Falcon)
    Rank: child now but later spy
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Fire
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional) Her mother is Dakota
    History: (optional)TBR

    Appearance: [​IMG] (wolf) [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: Bubbly, sweet, kind, anxious to new areas, can get vicious.
    Power(Only one): Shifter. (wolf)
    Rank: Kid (loner)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): New areas, other people, lightning, humans
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: TBR

    Behavior/Personality:She's quiet and brave. She tries to be her best at all times. A perfectionest.
    Power:Shape Shifter (Horse)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s):Humans, not being able to do anything, the dark.
    History:She was adopted by the king and queen, she doesn't talk about her life before she was adopted.

    Name: James
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: kind, yet can be fierce. Quiet, watchful
    Power(Only one): shapeshift - Black Leopard
    Rank: Prince (?)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): an end to the sages
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)


    Name: Hylia
    Gender: F
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 17
    Behavior/Personality:Calm, anxious, hides a lot. Loves to be by liquid and turns her mood from its gentle waves. Can get grumpy and moody quick.
    Power(Only one): Element (water)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Humans, fire, groups, noises
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional) TBR

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality:Stalker and sneaks too much. Loves to wander alone and tend for himself. Rarely allows people to join on whatever tasks he does. Mostly stubborn and rude to others. Rarely nice and talks to people without an insult.
    Power(Only one):Element (Earth)

    Fear(s)/Dislike(s):Being hunted by something else, losing, failing. Other people, humans, not being able to do the things he wants or enjoys. Helpers.
    Crush/Partner/Mate: none
    History: tbr

    Name:Annabelle (Anna or Bell)
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: quiet and reserved most times
    Power(Only one):element earth

    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Storms, lies
    Crush/Partner/Mate:none yet

    Name: Scorch
    Gender: M
    Age: 19 Yrs.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: Suave and cunning through places that he knows. Brave and sets himself before others during fights, or important situations. Smart and sly in front of others, and playful. LOves to hunt.
    Power(Only one): Element, (fire)

    Rank: Hunter
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Too many noises when hunting. loses kill, or get hurts during one. Boring and fast hunts.
    Crush/Partner/Mate: Later
    History: TBR

    Name: Es-Shika (Say: S-Shee-Kay)
    Gender: F
    Age: 15
    Appearance: (Wont let me use a picture soo...) She has long red hair kept mstly in a bun with the rest hanging down her back. And her eyes are grey.
    Behavior/Personality: Silent Brave and bold. Is a 'If i want to do it i'll get it done.' Kind of girl
    Power(Only one): Fire
    Rank: Loner
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Water. She hates water. Hates humans (See history)
    Crush/Partner/Mate: N/A
    History: She once lived near the border of the forest and would always watch a boy about her age as he got water from a nearby stream. Soon she began to talk to him and they became good friends. He never knew she was a sage and she never told him. They alomost started dating but one fateful night. (Dramatic ain't it?) More humans came and tried to kill her. To defend his friend the human boy got in front of an arrow flying straight towards Es-Shika's heart and took it for her so she could could run. And she did. A few days later after the humans had given up the search for her Es-shika returned to find her friend dead. She became silent and withdrew her self from the world. She left the village so she could live by herself and in peace.

    Name: Ra-Shera (Say: Raw-Sure-A)
    Gender: F
    Age: 14
    Appearance: (Again no picture...) Her long hair is white at the top and gets bluer towards the ends where its dark blue. Her eyes are a matching sapphire
    Behavior/Personality: Very quick witted and feisty Strong willed and wont give up a chase.
    Power(Only one): Water
    Rank: She hangs out around the city but is mostly a loner
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Spicey things. She has some OCD so she hates when things are out of order
    Crush/Partner/Mate:She works alone!
    History: Ra-shera had a peaceful past until humans came and killed her family. Since then she has started to work for anyone who pays her and will hunt people down. Her current trail is on Es-Shika

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