6 - Jalapino peppers
6 - Good size limes
6 - big tomatoes ( juicy if available )
1 - nice bunch of cilantro
1 - good size white onion
4 - 5 nice size garlic cloves
( can't get to much )
2 - rounded tablespoons of raw sugar
1 - tablespoon of black pepper
1 - tablespoon of kosher salt

Cooking Instructions

In a large bowl, juice the limes first then add the sugar, salt and pepper . Next mince the cilantro and put it in the bowl and then mince (or fine chop ) the garlic and add it to the bowl . Fine chop the jalapinos making sure to remove the core first , leave as many seeds as you like it to be hot . Chop the seeds with the jalapinos and add them to the bowl , next fine chop the onion and all the tomatoes ,
Mix well and cover . Let set in the fridge over night then ...ENJOY ...
If you taste it right away be assured that it will cool down some after it sets overnight in the fridge .