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By Saltiena · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Saltiena
    Ok i don't have the babies YET but when i get them youll get millions of trillions of pics so just the mean time here a list of my other babies
    4Rats,Swizzle,Casey,Daisy,& Biscot.had 6, one, Squeek, died in november of lead poisining,the other, Skittle, died last week of a cancerous toumor on the leg
    8 Cats!-Ginger (if any one lives in or near Lancaster PA we are trying to sell/GIVE her away),Pepper,Peprica,Hazel,Salem,Marshmello,Salty,&Pursie
    2 Fish- bothe beta, one on my night stand, Neptune, (my favorite :) don't tell) and Flounder
    1 Hamster-Sushi, ya we seriously named her that
    2 Ducks- they don't live with us, we bought them, and housed them for a day or so, then we just set them down in a flock of goslings (baby geese) and the geese don't seem to mind, we did this last year, he flew off with them last year, and came back again

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