Here is our Hen Palace and Garden Center. We have a 28 acre horse farm in northeast Georgia and last spring added laying hens to our family of horses, dogs, and cats. We chose Dominique hens after learning that everyone seems to call them Dominikers around here (and elsewhere ). Started with two, now have four and just lost our beautiful rooster to unknown causes.
Like with horses, the more you know and read about caring for them, the more you worry about what you don't know and what may happen to them. We've yet to have to kill one of them but that day will come and I'll get used to that notion.
We built a combination chicken house, chicken yard and garden shed to combine our needs for water and gardening space. It's all very handy and compact. The shed will be painted white sometime this summer before it gets too hot.
The shed was built from leftover materials from the construction of our hay barn and except for some smaller wood pieces in the roof structure, we didn't have to buy anything else. The cage, house and garden shelter side are on a 6' square grid and the inside of the house itself it roughly 10 feet tall. It gets good circulation in the summer and isn't terribly cold in the winter. It is caged all around so nothing can get in the top.