We have had two flocks of hens that we got at pullet stage, which I like to refer to as "teen agers". Of the 10 only 4 remain! We have two playful labs that accidentally found how delicious fresh chicken is.
Our girls have a coop and a run. Although, their favorite place to be is rumagining through the yard! I love watching them pace by the gate every time I go towards their run, filled with such excitement at the thought of being "free" in the yard : ).
Another activity that fills them with excitment is when I pull greens from the garden. Even if I am just out there for dinner I must give them a little because as soon as I open the Garden gate they are ready for a treat. Just recently they have become tricksters, jumping up and snatching the greens.
I am looking forward to raising chicks very soon. I read the forum on it and would love any additional commenting. Happy chicken raising!

1/7/11 Wow, it's been awhile. i did finally successfully raise 2, out of several attempted, chicks. Oh I loved it. The two we raised are by far the most friendly, and might I add have encouraged the others to be more friendly. We haven't clipped there wings and boy they can fly, I guess we never told them it wasn't possible
. My new favorite is to watch them run as fast as thye can to the back door every time we come outside hoping for a treat and wanting to be first in line. I look forward to raising some meat birds with some neighbors and can not wait to love and nurture some more chicks.