Hi everyone,

My name is Sandra and I live in the Netherlands. Started with chickens in 2006. First a pair of Cuckoo's Cochins bantams and a pair of blue Wyandotte bantams, all 4 are girls.

This is the coop that we've made

Unfortunaly I needed to seek a different home for the girls because of a divorce. The chickens stopt laying eggs and one of the cuckoo hens died suddenly.
But a year and a half later I met a very lovely nice man, took the coop with me ( ofcourse along with my dog and other stuff :) ) and I got myselfs some bantams from a breeder. Originaly 4 hens but ofcourse one turned out to be a Rooster :) ( and I don't mind at all).
So I present my new flock 2009 :).

First time outside the coop

Well this is my flock !

Update 2013.
I only have the dottie and one of the barnevelder girls left. My roo got killed by a bird of prey and the rest because of age.
At the moment I have 2 flocks, one Cochins and one mixed with the above a Cochin roo and 2 Isa browns .
I am also making a new coop out of a keter shed.

my second coop is custom build by a carpenter

My current flock besides the cochins..