Last year I decided I wanted to have a few hens for fresh eggs. A neighbor offered some Silkie chicks hatched from a school project. Seven cute white Silkies--that was the beginning. Next came nine Buff Orpington chicks. Out of those two groups, I ended up with only four hens, so of course I'm expanding the flock. I built an incubator--hatched 9 Buffs. In the meantime my Silkie hen hatched 6 of her eggs. Then I purchased a Brinsea incubator, bought Welsummer eggs and mutt eggs, . . . . I now have 47 chickens of various ages, two coops, one large run, and a new chicken tractor. Oh, the eggs are great, too
October, 2009--I now have 29 chickens total. Still have a few too many roos. I have 4 Welsummer pullets plus one younger Wellie pullet, five Buff Orpington hens (good layers), four Silkie hens, plus one Silkie roo, 4 Welsummer roos, one mutt roo, one bantam cochin roo, and 8 mutt hens.
Sept. 2010 - After this spring's hatches, I now have three EE hens who are laying beautiful blue green eggs. Still waiting on the 9 new Welsummer hens to begin laying. Also have 2 Cinnamon Queens laying and waiting on one Gold laced Wyandotte and two Dark Brahama hens plus two more pretty mutt hens.