We began our journey to backyard chicken ownership in the Summer of 2011. As a family of 3, we eat about 2 dozen eggs a week. I made sense to have chickens of our own. In the beginning, I had no idea of the mix of breeds. My list and my son's list of breeds has grown and grown. After many months of planning, we began construction on my coop design. I designed my coop so that I did not need to cut down any trees on our mostly wooded 1 acre lot. I made my order in October and decided I also want to see if I could raise meaties as well as egg layers. I received my first order of chicks November 10th, 2011. I was prepared for the chicks but completely surprised by the Cornish X growth. I knew they grew fast but it is completely different to see in real time. It has been a great learning experience for myself, my family and some neighbors who are now considering getting their own flock.