First timers having chickens, it all started May 2009, my thoughtful daughter thought it wise to buy her mom four chicks to refill the "Empty Nest" void that occurred when she moved off to college in 2006 and left her mom with all boys at home. The little chicks were a pleasant surprise to all of us, so we got busy converting the kid's playhouse into a chicken coop, the same playhouse that Hugh's dad and Hugh built back in 1991.
Dominique chicks at a few weeks:

and the Cochin pair (10 days younger than the Doms), Honey is front with the eyeliner (formally known as Cleopatra) along with Little Ricky inside the trough feeder:

Playhouse conversion for baby chicks:

Coop with run addition with huge chicken ladder before the pop door was cut out:

Current Coop (4'x7') and Run (4'x15') configuration - Chicken Run Part Duex:

It seemed like forever before we got our first egg:

The End:


December 2011: I am going to see and visit with my daughter in Colombia, South America for two weeks. She has been living there for 6 months. Lots to see and do with perfect weather. Hugh