Rosie Red the three year old Rhode Island Red hen pecking around the garden before it's planted. Hopefully she's eating all the sow bugs that eat my seedlings!
My handsome welsh harlquin drake Lloyd. He's got two lady friends that I'm hoping to get some fertile eggs from for hatching. They are young and haven't quite figured out the mating thing yet.
His girls Rhiannon and Nimue are next to him here with another drake--Blue Swedish Mr. Frog. The Welsh Harlequins will be separate once they are really ready to mate. (Jelly Bean our barred rock hen in in the background)
And one of our three Delaware babies....we also have 2 White faced black Spanish, 2 Silver Gray Dorkings, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte and 1 black star sex link (a bonus chick)...trying for all heritage and preferably the more rare.