First of all I dont know whether I should be thanking or blaming Backyardchickens for my little problem! It started off innocently enough, I had 4 Brown Leghorn hens, 2 of which went broody, so I was surfing around the net looking for some information. All of a sudden I have 13 hens, an incubator capable of holding 42 eggs - which it is currently doing, I have eggs hatching right now under 2 broody hens, I am able to buy fertile eggs from all over Australia - I was warned this forum was full of enablers, I must admit I wasn't really listening to that part!!!
But in all seriousness - I have learnt so much about something I have a new found passion for in such a short space of time and I thank everyone who has listened to and replied to my dribble on this forum, you've all inspired me so much that with some encouragement from my darling husband I now wish to share the joy that I have found comes with owning chickens. Hense was born. And speaking of my husband - all I can say is that I am a very lucky girl! He is the one that bought the Leghorns for me after all as a present, I bet he didn't realise where it would end up leading to though!
My plans for the future are to breed chickens for people to keep as pets in their backyards, whether it be in suburban area's or on rural farms. While trying to keep the costs as low as possible, I also want to promote the benifits chicken keeping has for children as all my chicks will be hand reared and are a great substitute for your typical rabbit and guinea pig pets with the added bonus of supplying eggs!
I will add some photo's soon :)