Our Chicken Palace on Wheels
We move it pretty much every day. The chicks and turks love being on fresh ground.
We have had some critters investigate (bent electric wire) but no one has been successful.
Its a great setup and easy for us to move around. Hubby built it out of dog kennel parts and
chicken wire / hardware cloth. Back part is 'permanently tarped'. We cover the whole thing
at nite to keep the dew and rain out.

Happy 8 wk BirdDay Turks! Pack on them pounds

Chick Side of the Tractor --- 7 x 13.5. We will probably lose the roosts in Rev #2.
Although we built it so that we can put the turks in the whole thing once the meaties are in our freezer


Chicks Love the Heat Lamps. Not enough feathers yet -- its gets chilly at nite

These chicks are half cute half ugly!