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By scratch'n'peck · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Dec 9, 2012 · ·
  1. scratch'n'peck
    Go to my favorite thread if you have a "smart chicken" story to share:

    If you want to read a funny and touching book get Enlsaved by Ducks go to

    cochin and orpington roos
    Our Red, ready to lay

    Colin and his 3 inch spurs

    [​IMG]The bachelor roo coop

    Old English Game

    Some of our swans
    Sidney with his cygnets (They have grown into fine yearlings now)


    Lucy goosey (Pilgrim goose)
    Linus (pilgrim gander)
    4-5 months old, the awkward age
    Lucy and Sabrina sharing a nest

    Linus (Pilgrim) and Basil (Sebastapol)

    [​IMG] Runner ducks and Swedish Blue ducks


    Showgirls (Silke and Siegfried)


    Wild Turkeys

    Wild sandhill crane

    Pair of Trumpeter swans who visited the pond
    (She was marked by DNR probably, because they are trying to increase this native swans' numbers)


    Watch a great chicken and cat video not mine

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  1. Tammisto
    so beautiful birds
  2. fishnet1971
    ohhhhh you have such a beautiful bunch of animals!!!!! just adorable. Nice looking quarters they have as well! :)
  3. CrazyChookz
    Lovely photographs! I wish I had swans!
  4. dragonchild
    I can't imagine dealing with a recalcitrant bird of that size! I think my broody hens are pretty formidable! Lol.
    But they ARE so beautiful! Worth the exercise in nesting season.
  5. scratch'n'peck
    Swans are not particularly friendly, but mostly they get out of my way except for our Sidney Swan during nesting season. Fortunately swans are not very fast on land. But we do need to contend with Sidney when it is time to pinion the cygnets.
  6. dragonchild
    Wonderful photos! You are surrounded by lovely birds, domestic and wild!
    Do you find the swans mean? I've always heard they are, but they are SOOO beautiful! Do your exercise you (running from them)?
  7. Shobe Biz
    Beautiful photos!!
  8. Lamar Estate
    I LOVE it! I wish I had all those wonderful birds...or at least you as a neighbor!
  9. ladrholman
    beautiful birds and wonderful looking property!! A bird paradise!!
  10. scratch'n'peck
    Thank you, we got the feeder at a pet supply place on line (I will have to double check which one.) We had a plastic one before from Tractor Supply, but the squirrels chewed through it. Every now and then a squirrel gets trapped in the metal one.
  11. blessedchick
    Your swans (and the rest of your feathered friends) are BEAUTIFUL!!! I have 3 mutes that are the lights of my life...:) Where did you find that feeder for them? I've been trying to figure out a way to efficiently feed them...
    Gorgeous critters!

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