I was going to butcher some of my Buff Orpingtons yesterday but after looking at the first two carcasses (one hen and one roo) I decided they were too scrawny and to wait. They are 23 weeks old and each carcass had some fat on it but the meat content was lacking. I wonder if the summer heat in Florida caused them stress so they did not put on weight or are they just too young? Will it affect the tenderness of the meat if I wait a few more weeks? Am I expecting my BO's to look to much like a supermarket chicken? They have been laying for about 3 weeks and the eggs are delicious and the remaining roo is mating with the hens. I have been feeding Flockraiser free choice along with oyster shell for egg production. They have access to the ground and to grass, as well as treats of plain yogurt and cracked corn. I think I've been doing everfything right but the results have been disappointing as far as meat production goes. Any advice?