Thanks for visiting our page. We live in Perry County, PA and found this site at the time we decided to raise chickens for our own eggs in May of 2011. We aren't saving any money on eggs but it sure has been fun.
Our coop was built with mostly recycled materials and until we had to purchase poultry wire for the run, the basic coop was constructed at a cost of $29 U.S. dollars.
We currently have 9 hens; 3 Leghorns, 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Barred Rocks, a Blue Andelusion and a Cochin mix. Also 3 Roosters; a Barred Rock (who is a gentleman and looks after his flock), a Blue Andelusion (who you can't turn your back on) and a Cochin/Americauna mix. All 12 were brought home the week of 5/23/11 at a day old and raised in a highly spoiled environment.

We got our first egg on 10/20/11 and are now up to 5-6 eggs every day.
The only predator so far has been a 42" Timber Rattlesnake that got stuck in the chicken wire a few weeks before the chickens moved into the coop. And he tasted very good battered and deep-fried.
We're very thankful for the vast amount of info and resource this site has to offer.
So far so good.