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Sebastopol Projects

By Mrs. Fluffy Puffy · Jan 16, 2013 · Updated Jan 16, 2013 ·
  1. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy
    ~Sebastopol Projects~


    My four Sebbie Project birds - Curly White Sebastopol x White Tufted Roman

    I bought these four babies as juveniles last summer, and they have turned into beautiful, sweet tempered geese. I'm really pleased with them, even though they are mixed. My plan is to cross them with some Curly White Sebastopols, the offspring will be both smooth and curly.

    However, the only White Sebbies I have, I already have plans for. So this project is on hold until I find something to pair them with. I may end up pairing them with some White ladies, but we'll see.

    More pictures for your viewing pleasure...





    Hatching Eggs and possible Goslings available - Drop me a PM.

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